Thursday, September 24, 2009

On to June...

6.1.09 Spoon for the apple.

6.2.09 Peter Potty has arrived.

6.3.09 Three Year Old Letters. She sounds it out and writes them herself, all transportation themed. Helicopter, racecar...

6.4.09 Making Cheese.

6.5.09 Enid.

6.6.09 Blais at the Farmers Market? Who knew!

6.7.09 Elle's wings.

6.8.09 So many kids.

6.9.09 Lettuce girl.

6.10.09 playtime is all the time.

6.11.09 The Underwear Brigade

6.12.09 Adventureland downpour

6.13.09 Monkey in the Middle.

6.14.09 Busy with photoshoots all weekend.

6.15.09 I like raisins on my pizza, I like raisin pizza please. Put some raisins on my pizza, don't forget the extra cheese...

6.15.09 *these next two are extras, but I had to include them. Lili picked out "the best" Father's Day cards a three year could imagine. They are just. so. her. And of course, a train for the inside...

6.16.09 Strawberry thief.

6.17.09 zucchini muffins.

6.18.09 Canned yumminess.

6.19.09 Farmers Market popcorn and Charlotte's Web.

6.20.09 Trumpet

6.21.09 Ashby Where's Waldo?

6.22.09 Hello Mee Maw.

6.23.09 Rain, rain, go away.

6.24.09 Perfect Day yesterday

6.25.09 Ashby.

6.26.09 Moving the armoire.

6.27.09 New window well

6.28.09 hello- hello- hello?

6.29.09 The shoo goes on the foo.

6.30.09 Zoo.

Can I ever catch up?

I can't believe I'm this far behind- somehow the idea of uploading pictures from May is so daunting...

5.16.09 New Wagon

5.17.09 Bike Rider

5.18.09 First Surgical consult

5.19.09 Jax

5.20.09 Fancy Nancy Engineer

5.21.09 vacuum rider

5.22.09 Hammock fun

5.23.09 Little mower

5.24.09 A date at the firepit

5.25.09 He's discovered signing times and has a crush..

5.26.09 You got a little something...right over there...

5.27.09 Jax One Year Portraits

5.28.09 Jax's Fifth tooth! Yes, he biffed it on picture day. And yes, he slept in those clothes.

5.29.09 Playground

5.30.09 Dam to Dam

5.31.09 Everyday.

*Two of the photos, hammock fun and dam to dam were taken by my awesomely talented husband. I did shoot images those days myself, but his were better representations of the day- plus it's nice to be in some on occasion :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

5.1.09 Dad's Catch

5.2.09 Queen of the Castle

5.3.09 First Bike

5.4.09 playing together

5.5.09 Building

5.6.09 Ain't no party like an oatmeal party

5.7.09 Puddle seeker

5.8.09 The Kick (in motion)

5.9.09 First Marshmallow

5.10.09 Mamas Day, Mamas pick knitting

5.11.09 For Autumn Luna

5.12.09 Going nowhere Fast

5.13.09 Making Jax's First Birthday present

5.14.09 Little Dude playing the dog

5.15.09 One, already?